About West End

West End theatre is the most popular professional theatre in London, staged in the big theatres in and near the West End of the city. It is usually distinct from the West End shows, which are large-scale musical productions. The term "West End theatre" is also used in regional theatres located in other parts of Greater London, but outside the main city center. Theatre in London began in 1576 with the construction of The Theatre, the first permanent public playhouse in England. It was located in Shoreditch, beyond the city limits of London at the time. The Lord Chamberlain's Men, a company of actors led by James Burbage, built and operated The Theatre. 

In 1599, they moved to Southwark, across the River Thames from the City of London; this new theatre was called West End theatre, along with Broadway theatre in New York City, which is often regarded as the top level of commercial theater in the English-speaking world. In London, seeing a show is a popular tourist activity. Famous screen actors from all over the world frequently appear on stage in London. West End theatres are usually well-known for their large audiences and long runs. Theatre in the West End is commercial, meaning that it is designed to make a profit for the investors (the producers and theatre owners). 

This means that the shows tend to be large-scale musicals or popular comedies, which will attract enough people to make money. However, there are also many smaller theatres, which stage more experimental work or less well-known productions. The West End is the main theatre district in London, and it is here that you will find the city's most popular shows. The theatres are clustered around Leicester Square and Covent Garden, and there are also several smaller venues in the area. West End theatre tickets can be expensive, but there are some ways to get discounts or cheap tickets.

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