Ballet is a type of dance that originated in the fifteenth century during the Italian Renaissance. It then developed into a concert dance form in France and Russia. Today, ballet has become a widespread and highly technical form of dance. There are different schools of ballet, each with its own techniques. The most popular methods include the Vaganova method, the Cecchetti method, and the Ballettakademie method. All these methods share certain common features, such as the five basic positions of ballet. Ballet is typically performed in classical music. However, modern ballets often incorporate other styles of music, such as jazz and pop.

Ballet is a demanding form of dance that requires years of training and practice. It is both physically and mentally challenging, and dancers must be in excellent condition to execute the complex movements. Professional dancers performed ballets in huge chambers with viewers on three sides. The introduction of the proscenium arch in 1618 allowed performers to distance themselves from audience members, who could then better see and appreciate their technical feats. The first professional ballet company was the Paris Opera Ballet, which was founded in 1669. The most popular ballets of the nineteenth century were Swan Lake and The Nutcracker. Today, ballet is enjoyed by people of all ages and backgrounds. It continues to evolve as a form of art, with new works being created all the time. Stylistic variations and subgenres of ballet have changed throughout the years. 

For example, early classical variations are chiefly linked to regional origins like Russian ballet, French ballet, or Italian ballet. In contrast, later styles such as contemporary ballet and neoclassical blend traditional classical techniques with more experimental movement. Out of all the known performed styles of ballet though, late Romanticism is perhaps the most commonly seen subgenre in the ballet world today. The Romantic period of ballet lasted from around 1850 to 1920. This era was marked by an increased interest in story-telling and expressive dancing. Choreographers sought to create works that would evoke emotion in the viewers, and they often did this by focusing on the inner feelings of the characters.

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