About Iliza Shlesinger

Iliza Shlesinger has carved an indelible path in the world of comedy, leaving an indomitable mark with her unique humor, unapologetic wit, and relatable insights. Born on February 22, 1983, in New York City, Iliza's journey to comedic stardom began with her passion for performing. She attended the University of Kansas, where she honed her comedic skills by participating in the university's comedy troupe. After graduating, she relocated to Los Angeles to pursue a career in stand-up comedy, and it wasn't long before her talents started to shine on various stages across the city. In 2008, Shlesinger's comedic prowess gained national attention when she emerged as the winner of NBC's "Last Comic Standing." This victory propelled her into the spotlight and paved the way for her debut comedy album, "War Paint," which was released in 2013. The album was met with critical acclaim and showcased her ability to seamlessly blend observational humor with sharp social commentary.

Iliza's success only grew from there. In 2015, she released her second comedy album, "Freezing Hot," which further solidified her reputation as a force to be reckoned with in the comedy world. The album tackled a wide range of topics, from relationships and self-esteem to societal expectations, all delivered with her signature animated style and a keen eye for absurdities. With a rapidly growing fan base and a string of successful tours, Shlesinger continued to push boundaries with her subsequent albums. "Confirmed Kills" (2016) and "Elder Millennial" (2018) showcased her evolving comedic perspective, demonstrating her ability to connect with audiences of all ages through her relatable material and sharp, incisive humor.

Throughout her career, Iliza Shlesinger has garnered a multitude of accolades and awards that reflect her impact on the comedy landscape. Her unique voice and undeniable talent have earned her recognition from peers and fans alike, including a Primetime Emmy Award for her work as the host of the game show "Separation Anxiety." Additionally, her stand-up specials have been lauded for their exceptional writing, delivery, and ability to tackle relevant social issues with wit and sensitivity. In 2024, Iliza Shlesinger continued to captivate audiences with her dynamic performances. Iliza Shlesinger's comedy shows this year have been highly anticipated events, drawing fans from all corners of the globe. With her latest material, she fearlessly delves into the ever-changing landscape of modern life, addressing the challenges, triumphs, and absurdities that define our times. 

Her ability to find humor in the everyday, coupled with her charismatic stage presence, ensures that Iliza Shlesinger's 2024 comedy shows are not just entertainment, but an experience that resonates long after the laughter subsides. During a conversation with Hawaii News Now, Schlesinger expressed her enthusiasm regarding her upcoming performance in what she referred to as her "favorite state." She articulated, "The people, the warmth—I love bringing my ohana there." Advising the audience, she humorously remarked, "Upon securing your tickets, it's advisable to head to the theater a bit early; you know, just in case someone has a flat tire – you wouldn't want to be caught in that predicament," the comedian quipped.

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