About X Burlesque

X Burlesque is a renowned and long-standing burlesque show that has captivated audiences for many years with its blend of sensuality, artistry, and entertainment. The history of X Burlesque traces back to its inception in Las Vegas in the early 2000s. Conceived and choreographed by Angela and Matt Stabile, the show made its dazzling debut at the Aladdin Hotel and Casino (now Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino) in 2002. From the outset, X Burlesque showcased a talented and diverse cast of performers, each possessing a unique flair and style. The show's performers, often referred to as "X Girls," are celebrated for their exceptional dancing skills, mesmerizing costumes, and an uncanny ability to exude both elegance and playfulness. Over the years, X Burlesque has attracted some of the most sought-after talents in the burlesque industry, contributing to its consistent popularity among locals and tourists alike. X Burlesque has garnered several prestigious awards and accolades during its impressive run. 

Critics and audiences have lauded the show for its creativity, choreography, and seamless integration of classic burlesque elements with a modern twist. These recognitions have solidified X Burlesque's position as one of Las Vegas's most successful and enduring burlesque productions. Throughout its history, X Burlesque has graced various renowned venues across Las Vegas, with its performances characterized by glitz and glamour. From the Aladdin Hotel and Casino, the show moved to its longstanding home at the Flamingo Las Vegas, where it has continued to draw crowds and cement its place in the city's entertainment landscape. The Flamingo's intimate and alluring setting perfectly complements the show's ambiance, enhancing the audience's immersive experience and connection with the performers. In 2024, X Burlesque embarked on a new chapter in its storied history. The show's producers promised a year filled with surprises and unforgettable performances, a celebration of its more than two decades of captivating audiences. 

X Burlesque kicked off the year with a spectacular "Best of X" retrospective, featuring iconic routines from the show's rich repertoire, along with never-before-seen acts that left audiences astounded. In addition to its regular performances, X Burlesque announced special themed events throughout 2024 to keep its audience engaged and enchanted. The "Vintage Glamour" night paid homage to the golden era of burlesque, reimagining iconic performances from the past with a modern twist. Another highly anticipated event was the "Fan Favorites" night, where audience members had the opportunity to vote for their preferred routines, resulting in a unique and interactive show every time. As the year progressed, X Burlesque showcased new talents that had joined the troupe, adding fresh energy and innovation to its already stellar lineup. The show's producers collaborated with renowned costume designers to create breathtaking outfits that further elevated the performances, leaving the audience in awe of the sheer artistry and craftsmanship on display.

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