About Summer Games

The Summer Olympic Games, more commonly known as the Summer Olympics, is a large international outdoor sports event that occurs every four years. The first edition was held in man ancient Greece back in 1896 in Athens and fast forward to now, it was hosted in Tokyo Japan come 2021. The whole ordeal is organized by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) which is also responsible for preparing the host city before the games. There are a total of 33 sports disciplines that are being contested in the Summer Olympics. With the aim of the games being to promote world peace and unity, it is no wonder that individuals from all around the globe come together to compete in these games. 

The most recent addition to the sports lineup was skateboarding, surfing, and baseball/softball which made their debut in the Tokyo 2020 Olympics. Apart from sports, the Summer Olympics is also a platform for countries to showcase their cultures. This is done through the Opening and Closing Ceremonies where each nation gets to put on a performance that is representative of their people. The city of London has hosted the Summer Olympic Games three times. As of 2022, Paris, Los Angeles, Athens, and Tokyo have each hosted twice; Paris will host the third time in 2024, followed by Los Angeles in 2028. Beijing became the first city to have hosted both the Summer and Winter Olympics in 2022.

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