About International Rugby

International Rugby is one of the most popular sports in the world, with countries spanning all the continents of the world taking part. It dates back to its origin in England in 1823 when a system rejecting violence was devised to maintain peace between rival counties. Rugby has become incredibly popular since then, with numerous leagues and tournaments being held every year. The Six Nations tournament is especially popular and features England, Wales, Scotland, Ireland, Italy, and France as participants who battle for the ultimate prize each year. The international rugby union board, usually abbreviated to IRB, is responsible for governing and overseeing all of these events. In addition to this, there are other international rugby tournaments such as the Tri-Nations series featuring Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa playing against each other and competing for a world title every year. This type of competition allows teams from around the globe to compete on equal terms while also allowing countries that do not have large-scale professional rugby teams a chance to compete. 

Other international competitions include European Championship Cup which takes place annually in Europe between six different nations, Pacific Rim Championships which takes place every four years in Asia and South America between various countries from either continent, and the Super 6 World Cup held quadrennially where six national Rugby Union Teams within their respective regions battle it out for an overall Champion Title at international level! The sport has grown immensely over the past two centuries; becoming an ever-increasingly important game both domestically and internationally. Its popularity has spread across borders with people from all around the world embracing it as their favorite sport! It is no surprise then that many countries now participate in huge national and international rugby championships boasting some of the best players on Earth!

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