About Tennis (The Band)

Tennis, the indie pop band hailing from Denver, Colorado, was formed in 2010 by husband-wife duo Alaina Moore and Patrick Riley. The inception of Tennis is a romantic tale as unique as their sound. After meeting in a philosophy class, Moore and Riley set out on a seven-month sailing expedition along the Eastern Atlantic Seaboard. The journey not only solidified their bond but also became the primary inspiration for their debut album "Cape Dory," which chronicles their adventures on the high seas. Over the years, the duo has crafted a signature sound: a blend of nostalgic melodies, whimsical lyrics, and an unmistakable nod to 70s pop and soft rock. 

The Tennis (The Band) discography, which includes hits like "Marathon" and "Needle and a Knife", is a testament to their evolution as artists, with each album delving deeper into personal narratives and refining their sonic palate. Fast forward to 2023, Tennis has announced a much-anticipated tour that's generating buzz among fans and critics alike. The "Seascape Echoes" tour is set to feature songs from their recent album, interspersed with their timeless classics. The venues selected are notably intimate, a conscious choice to recreate the ambiance of their earlier performances and to foster a deeper connection with their audience. 

Previews suggest that attendees will experience a surreal blend of visuals and sounds, with background aesthetics inspired by sun-soaked coastlines and the profound mystery of the ocean. It's a promising journey that promises to be both nostalgic and refreshing. In a recent interview about the upcoming shows, Moore reflected, "With 'Seascape Echoes,' we're trying to bring the audience aboard our ship, to make them feel the ebb and flow of our musical journey, the way the ocean cradled us during our expedition." Riley added, "It's a return to our roots but with the maturity and growth we've experienced over the years. We want to give our fans something special, a voyage of their own." The profound connection between the couple, their history, and their music is palpable. This tour is poised to be more than just a series of concerts; it's an immersive experience, a testament to their artistry and their enduring love story.

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