About Built To Spill

Built to Spill has etched their name into the annals of indie rock history, crafting a sonic legacy defined by intricate guitar work, introspective lyricism, and timeless melodies. Formed in 1992 by frontman Doug Martsch in Boise, Idaho, the band emerged from the vibrant Pacific Northwest music scene with a sound that defied easy categorization. Influenced by the likes of Neil Young, Pavement, and Sonic Youth, Built to Spill's music blends elements of alternative rock, indie folk, and psychedelic rock into a distinctive sound that is uniquely their own. The band's debut album, "Ultimate Alternative Wavers," released in 1993, laid the groundwork for their signature sound, featuring sprawling guitar solos, catchy hooks, and Martsch's emotive vocals. However, it was their breakthrough album, "There's Nothing Wrong with Love," released in 1994, that catapulted them to indie rock stardom. Tracks like "Car" and "Distopian Dream Girl" showcased Martsch's songwriting prowess and the band's dynamic musicianship, earning them critical acclaim and a devoted fanbase. Throughout their career, Built to Spill has graced stages at a variety of concert venues, from intimate clubs to major music festivals around the world. Their electrifying live performances are a testament to their musical prowess and improvisational skill, with Martsch's virtuosic guitar playing taking center stage. Whether performing in small, intimate venues or on sprawling festival stages, Built to Spill has earned a reputation as one of the most captivating live acts in indie rock, drawing audiences into their world with each intricate riff and heartfelt lyric.

In 2024, Built to Spill has continued to evolve and push artistic boundaries with their music. Their latest album, "Untethered Moon," released in 2015, marked a return to their indie rock roots while incorporating elements of psychedelia and experimentalism. The album received widespread critical acclaim, with critics praising its dynamic songwriting and Martsch's masterful guitar work. Since then, the band has continued to tour extensively, delighting fans with their electrifying live performances and reaffirming their status as indie rock legends. Built to Spill has announced plans to release their ninth studio album, slated for release in 2022. Fans eagerly anticipate new music from the band, eager to see how they will continue to evolve and innovate within the indie rock genre. With their reputation for crafting timeless, genre-defying music, Built to Spill's upcoming album is sure to be a highlight of the indie rock landscape in the coming year. As Built to Spill continues to captivate audiences with their mesmerizing sound and electrifying live performances, their impact on the indie rock scene remains as profound as ever. With each album and concert, they reaffirm their status as one of the most influential and enduring bands in contemporary music, inspiring generations of artists and fans alike with their boundless creativity and unwavering commitment to their craft.

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