About WHL

The Western Hockey League (WHL) is one of the oldest hockey leagues in North America. Founded in 1952, it has grown to become a major junior hockey league with teams located throughout western Canada and parts of the United States. Through its nearly seven-decade existence, the WHL has seen countless memorable moments, Hall of Fame players, and championships. The WHL began as an idea by a group of businessmen in Alberta who wanted to form a high-level junior hockey league in the western part of Canada. The first season began in 1952-53 with five charter teams: the Edmonton Oil Kings, Calgary Buffaloes, Medicine Hat Tigers, Lethbridge Sugar Kings, and Saskatoon Quakers. All these teams had been members of preceding minor pro and amateur leagues and were eager to start competing against each other at a higher level.

Since then, the number of teams within this beloved Canadian institution has grown from five to now having 22 clubs stretching from British Columbia to Manitoba. This includes teams hailing from major cities such as Vancouver and Calgary to rural towns like Prince Albert, Saskatchewan, and Dawson Creek – showing just how powerful our national sport is across disparate socio-economic backgrounds. During its storied history, the WHL has seen many great accomplishments on ice by both individual athletes and entire franchises alike. For instance, legendary players such as Wendel Clark have moved on from their time with the WHL to become NHL superstars while franchises such as Victoria Royals have found success relatively soon after joining the league in 2011-12.

Off-ice achievements are also something that makes up part of WHL’s legacy – giving back to communities through charitable works; developing young players into confident adults capable of pursuing their dreams; providing student-athletes with scholarships, etc., There is much for Canadians across different generations can take pride in when referring to our nation’s premier hockey circuit. In conclusion, we here at WHL are proud to look back on our unique and amazing history that dates back to the early 1950s. It's no secret that our 22 current member Clubs continue representing this fantastic League strongly today– honoring both those who came before them while helping shape what will be written about us tomorrow!

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