About OHL

The Ontario Hockey League (OHL) has become one of the world’s most successful hockey leagues in recent years, boasting some of the top young talent and teams in the sport. But before it became a premier hockey league, it had humble beginnings as a Canadian amateur organization. The OHL was founded in 1975 when two former junior leagues merged together: The Southern Ontario Junior A Hockey League and the Northern Ontario Junior A Hockey League. It started out with just thirteen teams across three divisions but quickly grew over the years, expanding to its current twenty-team setup. Although originally characterized by low-prestige local arenas and sparse crowds, the league eventually attracted better sponsorships and players, culminating in its expansion into Eastern Canada in 1980.

As the OHL evolved into a more professional organization, so did the quality of hockey being played there. Games began to draw larger crowds from all over Canada and even from America thanks to their popular North American Hockey League (NAHL). In addition to this, the player performance began rising with greater numbers of talented athletes joining each season from all around North America - particularly from Ontario where almost half of today’s players come from! This influx of talent helped propel the OHL forward and is reflected by their long list of accomplished alumni who have gone on to play at both the NHL level and internationally. Despite having only been around for four decades, it has already produced dozens of Hall-of-Famers such as Wayne Gretzky, Connor McDavid, and Steve Yzerman - just to name a few! 

With many more NHL superstars emerging every year, it's no wonder why scouts are increasingly turning towards the OHL for raw talent. Given its storied history and impact on modern ice hockey culture, it is no surprise that the Ontario Hockey League continues to be an essential part of Canadian sport today. Professional franchises like Toronto Marlies are helping raise awareness while also providing an opportunity for fans everywhere to enjoy competitive hockey games in their own backyard! In addition to this, regular coaching clinics ensure that future generations will get access to proper training – thus continuing this important league’s legacy far into an exciting future.

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