About National Lacrosse League

The National Lacrosse League (NLL) has been a staple of the sport of lacrosse for more than four decades. Founded in 1974 as the Major Indoor Lacrosse League (MILL), the NLL is now North America's premier professional field lacrosse league, boasting some of the greatest players and head coaches in the game's history. Since it was founded, the NLL has grown from just six teams to thirteen throughout its journey. The NLL season runs from December through late June and consists of 18 regular-season games followed by a postseason tournament leading up to the Championship Game. When it comes to top players in NLL history, there are far too many to name them all. But some standouts include Gary Gait, Paul and Gary Gait, John Tavares, Colin Doyle, and Josh Sanderson. Gary Gait is arguably the best player ever in lacrosse history. With his brother Paul, they formed one of the most prolific scoring duos to ever play in NLL history over 12 seasons with five different teams.

John Tavares played in every single season since 1991 until his retirement in 2018 when he became an assistant coach for Buffalo Bandits as well as an ambassador for lacrosse worldwide. He holds numerous records including most points (1860), goals (813), and assists (1047). Colin Doyle holds the record for most championship wins (7) and is currently Head Coach at Brampton Excelsiors Jr A team after retiring from San Jose Sours in 2017 as a player-coach role combining both his player status within an organization with coaching duties on top of it. Finally, Josh Sanderson played 17 seasons from 1995-2013 with seven different franchises before retiring from Colorado Mammoth where he had won three championships as well being named MVP twice during that run including in 2003 where he set a then-record 69 assists (since broken by Shawn Evans).

Head Coaches have also left their mark on NLL History with Les Bartley having won four championships over his 16-year career with five different franchises before tragically passing away due to cancer complications at 54 years old back in 2007. Darris Kilgour would win two championships following him with Buffalo Bandits while Ed Comeau had one trophy himself leading Toronto Rock during the 2000-2003 period which later changed hands between Troy Cordingley (winning another two trophies) and Matt Sawyer who recently got released after some internal struggles within the organization during recent 2019–2020 season but still managed to lead the franchise into playoffs 5 out of 6 previous seasons prior so credit must be given where credit’s due on that account regardless of the recent situation unfolding there.

Finally, current Commissioner Nick Sakiewicz took charge back in 2016 following the departure of former boss George Daniel halfway through the 2015–2016 season managing to stabilize the ship during turbulent times ahead restoring order setting a rigid framework that franchise managers should work within setting new league-wide standards regarding player’s recruitment procedures right down hiring practices among front office personnel aiming to make better use out off available resources while keeping morale up amongst all decision makers across board ensuring long term stability moving forward as we are going into 2020–2021 season eagerly awaiting what lies ahead on the horizon later this year!

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