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Baseball has been a beloved sport for Americans for over two centuries, and NCAA baseball is no exception. The National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) has been hosting men's baseball games since 1957, setting the stage for some of the most thrilling collegiate baseball games ever seen in the United States. From the iconic College World Series to the unforgettable Individual College Championships, NCAA baseball brings fans together from across college campuses to celebrate the sport they love. The history of NCAA baseball is rich with tradition and success. It all began when four southeastern universities created an alliance that allowed them to compete against each other in conference play—the Southern Intercollegiate Athletic Association (SIAA). This was one of the first steps toward organized collegiate athletics and eventually gave rise to NCAA baseball today.

Since then, there have been numerous milestones in NCAA baseball history such as professional player eligibility in 1967, inter-league play beginning in 1990, and Divisional expansion into Division I culminating with Super Regionals in 2002. Although conferences vary from year to year, NCAA Baseball enjoys national exposure through a variety of Bowls-style tournaments that allow teams from different regions to meet on neutral ground and show off their hard-earned skills. NCAA Baseball also serves as an important recruiting platform for players hoping to make it onto Major League rosters nationwide. Top-ranked players enter a pool that allows scouts from MLB teams an opportunity to sign them as free agents once their college careers are finished. 

This gives young hopefuls a chance at living out their dreams with major league teams—a path that may not have been possible without the exposure gained through participating in NCAA Baseball tournaments or competing against fellow division rivals during regular season play. College sports are arguably more popular than professional sports and NCAA Baseball is certainly no exception. With decades of history under its belt, it’s easy to see why this treasured pastime continues to draw tens of thousands of fans each year, whether they’re attending a game or rooting on their favorite team from home!

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