About Football World Cup

Football, or soccer as it is often referred to in the United States, is one of the most popular sports in the world. Every four years team from around the globe compete for international glory at the FIFA World Cup. This tournament has been held since 1930 and continues to draw massive attention and crowds today. The idea of a football World Cup first began circulating back in 1904. This was proposed by French football expert Jules Rimet and became reality on 28th May 1928 when FIFA (Fédération Internationale de Football Association) voted unanimously in favor of creating an international event that would crown an outright champion from participating countries. On 18th July 1930, Uruguay was selected to host the inaugural tournament with only 13 nations taking part - seven from South America, four from Europe, and two from North America.

Uruguay went on to win that first tournament after beating Argentina 4-2 in front of 93,000 spectators at Montevideo’s Centenario Stadium — a fitting end to a thrilling month-long competition where they scored 19 goals while conceding none throughout their five matches! In 1934 Italy hosted the second World Cup which was won by their own team after they beat Czechoslovakia 2–1 in extra time. The tournament continued until 1938 when France took home the trophy by beating Brazil 3–1 after extra time. World War II put a stop to competitive football for 12 years until 1950 when Brazil hosted their first ever World Cup tournament. That year saw surprise team Uruguay become champions again with a 2–1 victory over Brazil in front of 200,000 spectators — proving this tournament truly lives up to its expected drama! Since then other countries have joined in and expanded participation, making it more competitive than ever before with teams from all six inhabited continents now eligible to qualify for the event.

In 2002 South Korea & Japan jointly hosted what’s widely considered one of the best-organized tournaments in recent memory — setting a new standard for future editions of this prestigious event! After winning it again three times consecutively (1958, 1962 & 1966), Italy finally reclaimed its former glory after emerging victorious against France in 2006 while Spain has had some recent successes at the 2010 & 2018 editions respectively. The 2018 edition marked arguably one of the most exciting finals between France & Croatia with some spectacular attacking play and intense drama – seeing off Croatia as 4–2 winners eventually! It also saw an increase in viewership numbers reaching nearly 3 billion people globally across all platforms making it one of the biggest attended sporting events ever! From humble beginnings back in 1930 all these years later Football World Cup continues its proud legacy as an unmissable spectacle each time it comes around every four years.

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