Auto Racing Events at Yadara

Auto racing also referred to as car racing or motorsport, is a competitive event involving the racing of automobiles. It is one of the world's most-watched television sports. Auto racing has been around since the early days of the automobile. The first organized auto race took place in France in 1887. Auto racing quickly gained popularity, and by the early 1900s, races were being held all over the world. The inaugural American motor race is said to have been the Thanksgiving Day Chicago Times-Herald race of November 28, 1895. This Auto Racing events was run not on a track, but rather on public roads between the cities of Evanston and Waukegan in Illinois. It was won by Frank Duryea driving a Duryea Motor Wagon. 

The first official motor race held in the United States was the Six Hours of Lake Erie, an endurance event held on September 10, 1901, at the Erie County Fairgrounds in Buffalo, New York. The first winner was George Selden driving a gasoline-powered car built by the Colburn Manufacturing Company. The first official auto race held in Australia took place on October 26, 1904, on a purpose-built track at Melbourne's Epsom Racecourse. The winner was J. H. Knight driving a Darracq. The first official motor race held in Japan took place on November 3, 1907, at the Omori Circuit near Tokyo. The winner was Shigeharu Matsuhara driving a Daimler. From 1962 through 2003, the Winston Cup Series was NASCAR's top series and was sponsored by R. J. Reynolds Tobacco Company's cigarette brand Winston. Today, auto racing is a multi-billion dollar industry, with races taking place all over the world. 

The most popular form of auto racing is NASCAR, which is the largest racing series in the United States. NASCAR races are held on oval tracks, and typically involve cars with V8 engines. There are different types of auto racing, including stock car racing, open-wheel racing, touring car racing, and drag racing. Stock car racing is a type of auto racing that involves specially built cars that are raced on oval tracks. Open-wheel racing is a type of auto racing that involves cars with open wheels and typically takes place on road courses. Touring car racing is a type of auto racing involving modified production cars racing on closed tracks. Drag racing is a type of auto racing in which two cars race down a straight track from a standing start.

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