About Jazz & Blues

The history of jazz and blues music is a long and varied one, full of colorful stories and ever-evolving styles. From its roots in the African American musical culture that emerged during the 19th century, to its influence on later genres such as rock and roll, jazz and blues have remained at the forefront of popular music for over a hundred years. It all started with the spirituals, work songs, and field hollers of African slaves which were combined with European harmonies to create New Orleans jazz. This early style formed the basis for what we now consider classic jazz - typically played by small bands or solo improvisers in smoky bars or nightclubs. Later developments included swing, Dixieland, bebop, and cool jazz. The blues share many similarities with jazz but also has its own distinct sound. Although there’s debate over when exactly it began, most agree that Delta blues was the first form of blues music played in rural Mississippi after World War I. 

These early singers combined elements from African folk music with older Celtic folk songs to paint vivid stories in their lyrics. Blues quickly spread across America through traveling musicians like Robert Johnson who helped give rise to other early forms such as Chicago blues and West Coast electric blues. Throughout the 20th century, both genres continually morphed into new sounds thanks to the creativity of countless performers who added their own touches to these traditional styles. The result is an incredibly rich musical legacy that lives on today both in its original forms and its more modern iterations such as funk, soul, acid jazz, rhythm and blues (R&B), hip-hop/rap, grunge rock, heavy metal, alternative rock – all owe something unique to either jazz or blues as part of their sound!

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