About Bakar

Bakar, also known as Abubakar Baker-Shariff-Farr, is a British vocalist. His professional solo debut mixtape, Badkid, was released in May 2018 to experimental indie rock acclaim. In September 2019 he extended his play with Will You Be My Yellow? He debuted in February 2022 with Nobody's Home, his first album. Bakar was raised in Camden, North London and went to a public school before his mother sent him away to boarding school in Surrey. He is of Yemeni and Tanzanian heritage. He said that exploring outside of London and trying new things inspired him creatively. In 2015, Bakar found his musical niche by chopping up samples of Bombay Bicycle Club and King Krule songs before posting them onto an anonymous SoundCloud account. He uploaded numerous projects and works to the platform for the next several years, some of which have since been deleted. 

Bakar's debut single, "Big Dreams" was officially independently released in March 2017. The song grew popular in 2018 after being featured on the official soundtrack of the video game FIFA 19. In March 2017, Bakar released the song "Scott Free" on ColorsxStudios, an online German music series. As of July 2020, it has amassed over 300 thousand views. In 2017, before non-album single "Small Town Girl" was released, Bakar had also released "Something I Said". Some musical artists that have influenced Bakar's work include Madlib and Foals. He has referred to his work as "schizophrenic" and has stated that he strives to "cross the gap" between various music genres. His music is a "melting pot" of indie, rap, rock, and punk that Ones to Watch dubbed "indie-rap."

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