Indie Rock Concert at Yadara

Indie rock is a style of rock music that emerged in the United States, the United Kingdom, and New Zealand during the 1970s and 1980s. The term began to be used to describe independent record labels at first, but it soon became associated with the music they created and was sometimes synonymous with alternative rock or "guitar pop rock." The term "indie rock" has been used to describe a wide variety of artists and styles, from the D.I.Y. ethic of punk rock and college rock to the more polished sound of alternative pop and Britpop.

The defining characteristic of indie rock is its independence from major record labels and the commercial music industry. Indie rock is a diverse musical genre, with artists ranging from underground noise bands to well-known, successful acts signed to major labels. The term "indie rock" is used to describe a wide variety of music, but there are some common elements that are often found in indie rock. These include a DIY ethic, a focus on independent record labels, and a sound that is often different from the mainstream.

Indie rock is often associated with alternative rock, but the two genres are not always interchangeable. Alternative rock is a broader term that can encompass a wide range of music, including punk, grunge, and metal. Indie rock is more narrowly defined and typically describes a specific subgenre of alternative rock, such as lo-fi or Britpop. Indie rock has its roots in the punk rock movement of the 1970s. Punk rock was a reaction against the mainstream music of the time, which many punks felt was overly commercial and contrived. Punk rock bands were often unsigned and self-released their music on independent record labels.

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