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The World's Championship Horse Show has been organized every year since its inception in 1902. The show is held in Louisville, Kentucky for an entire week (usually) in August. The show features a wide variety of equestrian events, including dressage, show jumping, and driving. The horse show is one of the most prestigious events in the equestrian world and attracts some of the best riders from around the globe. The World's Championship Horse Show is organized by the United States Equestrian Federation (USEF). The USEF is the national governing body for equestrian sports in the United States. The horse show is one of the USEF's major annual events. The World's Championship Horse Show is open to all horses competing in different divisions, regardless of breed or discipline. The only requirement for entry is that the horse must be registered with the USEF. Riders of all ages and experience levels are welcome to compete.

The horse show features a wide variety of classes and competitive events for players ranging from beginner level to the most advanced. There are also several special events, such as the World's Championship Grand Prix, which is open only to the best riders in the world. The World's Championship Horse Show is one of the most popular events on the USEF calendar. Every year, thousands of spectators come to Louisville to watch the best riders in the world compete. In 1953, Wing Commander, a stallion trained by Earl Teater, made history by becoming the first Saddlebred to win six World Grand Championship titles in the five-gaited division. The record still stands today. In addition to his many titles, Wing Commander was also inducted into the American Saddlebred Hall of Fame in 1974. The World's Championship sees American Saddlebred horses, Hackney ponies or Harness pony and horses, fine harness, roadster ponies, and Standardbred Horses compete against each other. The event is one of the most prestigious in the equestrian world and draws competitors from all over the globe.

The World's Championship Horse Show is just one of the many events that take center stage at the Kentucky State Fair. The fairgrounds play host to a wide variety of attractions and exhibits, making it one of the most popular tourist destinations in the state. Every year, the fairgrounds are home to over a million visitors. The prestigious Saddlebred divisions at the show have anywhere from six to thirty classes each, depending on the number of horses that will be competing. There are also several different driving events, including single and team carriage driving. The show jumping events are some of the most popular at the World's Championship, with many of the world's top riders competing for the coveted title. The most prestigious World's Grand Championship is for five-gaited Saddlebred pleasure, meaning horses that can walk, trot, and Canter as well as two additional four-beat gaits: the sluggish gait and rack. The Rack is a particularly flashy gait in which the horse moves its legs in a quick, yet controlled manner. This gait is often used in the show ring to catch the judge's eye. Event Venues and Previous Show Sched: Kentucky Exposition Center, Freedom Hall (Aug of 2022).

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