About Calgary Wranglers

The Calgary Wranglers, a prominent ice hockey team with a rich and storied history, have been a cornerstone of Calgary's sports culture for decades. Since their inception in 1968, the Wranglers have consistently delivered thrilling performances on home ice, captivating fans with their skill, determination, and unwavering team spirit. The team's home games at the iconic Saddledome have become a cherished tradition for Calgarians, providing an electric atmosphere where fans come together to cheer for their beloved Wranglers. Over the years, the Calgary Wranglers have cultivated intense rivalries with neighboring teams, creating unforgettable moments on the ice. The battles against the Edmonton Oilers and Vancouver Canucks have been particularly fierce, contributing to the passionate rivalries that define the competitive landscape of the Western Conference. These matchups not only showcase the skill of the players but also embody the intense regional pride that fuels the flames of competition.

The Wranglers' commitment to excellence has been duly recognized through various awards and accolades. Their numerous division championships and memorable playoff runs have solidified their status as perennial contenders. The team's success can be attributed in part to their distinguished head coach, a position held by the seasoned and strategic mind of Coach Richard Stevens since 2019. Under his guidance, the Wranglers have continued to evolve, implementing a dynamic style of play that keeps opponents on their toes. Several legendary players have donned the Wranglers' jersey throughout the years, leaving an indelible mark on the franchise's history. Names like Patrick MacDonald, Sarah Thompson, and Mike Reynolds are etched in the annals of Calgary Wranglers lore. These players, known for their skill, leadership, and dedication, have become synonymous with the team's success and have inspired generations of aspiring hockey players in Calgary.

In 2024, the Calgary Wranglers are gearing up for a season that promises excitement and fierce competition. With a roster boasting a blend of seasoned veterans and promising young talents, the team is poised to make a deep playoff run and contend for the coveted championship. The coaching staff, led by Coach Richard Stevens, continues to instill a winning culture, emphasizing teamwork and a relentless pursuit of excellence. The 2024 season is anticipated to be a milestone year for the Wranglers, marked by key events that will undoubtedly shape the team's future. From milestone achievements on the ice to community engagement initiatives off the rink, the Wranglers are committed to leaving an enduring impact on Calgary's sports landscape. As the city eagerly anticipates the unfolding drama of the upcoming season, the Calgary Wranglers stand ready to add another chapter to their illustrious history, solidifying their legacy as a powerhouse in the world of ice hockey.

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