About The Australian Pink Floyd Show

The Australian Pink Floyd Show (TAPFS) has carved an impressive niche for itself in the world of tribute bands, captivating audiences globally with their faithful renditions of Pink Floyd's iconic music. Formed in Adelaide, Australia, in 1988, the band initially started as a project to recreate the legendary sounds of Pink Floyd for local audiences. Over the years, TAPFS evolved into a globally recognized tribute act, earning acclaim for their meticulous attention to detail and dedication to capturing the essence of Pink Floyd's live performances. Comprising talented musicians, The Australian Pink Floyd Show has featured various members throughout its history, each contributing to the band's authenticity and musical prowess. Founding members Lee Smith (bass guitar) and Jason Sawford (keyboards) played pivotal roles in establishing the band's foundation. Over the years, TAPFS has welcomed skilled musicians such as Steve Mac (guitar, vocals), Colin Wilson (bass guitar, vocals), and Paul Bonney (drums), among others, ensuring the continuation of their high musical standards.

The band's setlists are carefully curated to showcase the breadth and depth of Pink Floyd's discography. TAPFS skillfully navigates through classics like "Comfortably Numb," "Wish You Were Here," and "Another Brick in the Wall," as well as delving into lesser-known gems, providing fans with an immersive journey through the entire Pink Floyd catalog. As TAPFS gained popularity, they ventured into recording studio albums, further solidifying their place in the tribute band scene. Albums like "Exposed in the Light" and "Concert for a Planet Earth" showcase the band's commitment to capturing the essence of Pink Floyd's studio recordings while adding their own flair to the mix.

The Australian Pink Floyd Show's live performances have earned them numerous accolades, including awards for Best Tribute Band. Their dedication to replicating Pink Floyd's elaborate stage setups, including iconic visuals and inflatable props, has garnered praise for creating an authentic and immersive concert experience. TAPFS has become a go-to act for fans craving the magic of a Pink Floyd concert, especially those who never had the chance to witness the original band live. In 2024, The Australian Pink Floyd Show continues its legacy with an extensive tour, captivating audiences around the world. The tour promises a blend of classic hits and deep cuts, with the band's signature attention to detail in recreating Pink Floyd's live sound and visuals. Fans eagerly anticipate the opportunity to witness TAPFS bring the magic of Pink Floyd to life once again, a testament to the enduring appeal of both bands and the timeless nature of their music. As they embark on this latest chapter, The Australian Pink Floyd Show remains a testament to the enduring legacy of Pink Floyd and the power of a well-executed tribute.

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