About Human League

The Human League, a pioneering synth-pop band hailing from Sheffield, England, has a rich history that spans over four decades. Formed in 1977 by Philip Oakey, Martyn Ware, and Ian Craig Marsh, the band quickly gained recognition for their unique blend of electronic music and thought-provoking lyrics. Their breakout album, "Dare," released in 1981, catapulted them to international stardom and became a cornerstone of the new wave movement. Over the years, The Human League has undergone several lineup changes, but Philip Oakey has remained the constant driving force behind the band. Their commitment to pushing the boundaries of electronic music has earned them a dedicated fanbase and critical acclaim. 

Hits like "Don't You Want Me" and "Human" have solidified their place in the pantheon of '80s pop icons. As we step into 2023, fans of The Human League have something exciting to look forward to – a series of highly anticipated shows and tours. The band, known for their captivating live performances, is planning a world tour that promises to be a nostalgic journey through their extensive discography. Fans can expect to hear their favorite classics along with newer tracks that continue to showcase the band's evolution. In recent interviews, Philip Oakey expressed his enthusiasm for the upcoming tour, stating, "We can't wait to hit the road again and share our music with fans old and new. 

It's incredible to see how our music has resonated over the years, and we're excited to bring that energy to the stage." Oakey also hinted at some surprises in store for the tour, suggesting that fans could expect fresh interpretations of their classic hits. The Human League's enduring legacy is a testament to their innovation and ability to stay relevant in an ever-changing music landscape. As they embark on their 2023 tour, fans can expect a blend of nostalgia and modernity, all wrapped up in the signature synth-pop sound that has defined their career. It's an exciting time for fans of The Human League, as they continue to push the boundaries of electronic music and captivate audiences around the world with their timeless tunes.

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