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Ice Cube, a true icon of hip-hop and an influential figure in the entertainment industry boasts a history filled with groundbreaking music, acclaimed albums, recognition through awards, and engaging tours. His journey as an artist, actor, and cultural activist has left an indelible mark on the world of hip-hop and beyond. Ice Cube's catalog of songs is filled with powerful and thought-provoking tracks that tackle issues of social and political importance. From his early days with N.W.A., where he co-wrote tracks like "Straight Outta Compton" and "F**k the Police," to his solo career, his music has been a potent voice against racial injustice, inequality, and urban life challenges. Tracks like "It Was a Good Day," "Check Yo Self," and "Today Was an Ice Cube Good Day" have become anthems, while his lyrical prowess has set a high standard in hip-hop. His albums, including "AmeriKKKa's Most Wanted," "Death Certificate," and "The Predator," have consistently been celebrated for their lyricism and commentary on the issues of his time. Ice Cube's unapologetic approach to storytelling and social critique has earned him recognition as a hip-hop legend.

In terms of awards and accolades, Ice Cube has achieved not only success but also critical acclaim. He has received multiple MTV Video Music Awards and BET Awards for his groundbreaking music videos and impact on the hip-hop genre. Additionally, his work as a producer and actor has also been recognized with awards and nominations. Ice Cube's history is enriched by a series of tours, where he has consistently delivered dynamic Ice Cube live performances. His shows are known for their high energy, showcasing his charismatic stage presence and the raw power of his music. His extensive touring history has enabled him to connect with fans from diverse backgrounds, cementing his reputation as a revered live performer. Ice Cube's history is a testament to his pioneering role in the hip-hop world. With a rich catalog of impactful songs, acclaimed albums, prestigious awards, and electrifying live performances, he has established himself as a legendary figure in the genre. Beyond music, his contributions to film, television, and social advocacy have solidified his status as a multifaceted cultural influencer.

The BIG3, Ice Cube's 3-on-3 basketball league, has resumed its once-weekend-only roadshow format. The BIG3 begin their seventh season this 2024, at Chicago's United Center. They then travel to Dallas, New York City, Memphis, Tennessee, Miami, Boston, Charlotte, North Carolina, and Detroit in a series of weeks, a year after they played on consecutive weekends while only visiting a few, select cities. That was the league's original design, BIG3 co-founder Ice Cube exclusively revealed. Each city will have one day of games involving six competitions, which brings out the camaraderie and competitiveness in the players. "To get back to what this league is all about is just what the doctor ordered." Jeff Kwatinetz, a renowned executive in the entertainment industry and a co-founder of BIG3, exclusively revealed, "All the guys get to hang out with each other." They enjoy watching one another play.

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