About Blueprint

Blueprint, born Albert Shepard, is a renowned hip-hop artist hailing from Columbus, Ohio, who has made significant contributions to the underground rap scene over the years. With a career spanning several decades, Blueprint has established himself as a prolific rapper, producer, and label owner, leaving a lasting impact on the genre. Blueprint's musical journey began in the late 1990s when he co-founded the hip-hop group Greenhouse Effect alongside rapper Illogic. Together, they released several albums and EPs, showcasing Blueprint's sharp lyricism and innovative production style. In 2002, Blueprint embarked on a solo career with the release of his debut album, "The Weightroom," which garnered critical acclaim for its introspective lyrics and soulful beats. Throughout the 2000s, Blueprint continued to release a string of solo albums, including "1988" (2005) and "Adventures in Counter-Culture" (2011), further solidifying his reputation as a versatile and talented artist. His albums explored a wide range of themes, from personal struggles and social commentary to introspection and self-discovery, earning him a dedicated fanbase and respect from his peers in the hip-hop community. In addition to his solo work, Blueprint is also known for his collaborations with other artists and producers. He has worked with renowned acts such as RJD2, Atmosphere, and Aesop Rock, contributing his unique style and perspective to their projects.

Blueprint's collaborations have helped him reach new audiences and expand his influence within the hip-hop community. As for concert venues, Blueprint has performed at numerous clubs, theaters, and festivals around the world, captivating audiences with his electrifying stage presence and dynamic live performances. From intimate club shows to larger festival stages, Blueprint's shows are known for their high energy and engaging atmosphere, leaving fans wanting more. In 2024, Blueprint continues to stay active in the music scene, releasing new music and collaborating with other artists. His most recent album, "Two-Headed Monster," was released in 2019 to critical acclaim, showcasing Blueprint's growth as an artist and his continued commitment to pushing the boundaries of hip-hop. With new projects in the works and a dedicated fanbase behind him, Blueprint remains a force to be reckoned with in the world of underground rap. Keep an eye out for upcoming tour dates and releases from this talented artist as he continues to make his mark on the hip-hop landscape.

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