About The Four Horsemen

The Four Horsemen, a prominent blues-influenced hard rock have carved a history steeped in honoring the legendary thrash metal icons. Emerging as a musical homage to Metallica's powerful sound, The Four Horsemen have gained a dedicated following by faithfully recreating the energy, intensity, and sonic prowess that define Metallica's music. Their performances are a celebration of Metallica's iconic hits, drawing fans who seek to relive the electrifying experience of the original band's live shows. The Four Horsemen band albums consist of their interpretations of Metallica's classic tracks. Their attention to detail in replicating Metallica's signature sound, from the powerful riffs to the raw vocals, has earned them recognition within the tribute band community. Their commitment to honoring Metallica's legacy and creating an authentic live experience resonates with fans who hold a deep appreciation for the band's music. Awards within the band realm might not mirror those of traditional artists, but The Four Horsemen's recognition comes from their ability to recreate the magic of Metallica's performances and the lasting impact of the band's music. Their shows pay tribute to the larger-than-life presence of Metallica, evoking nostalgia for fans who have followed the band's career over the years.

This 2024, fans of The Four Horsemen can anticipate the potential for exciting events, including tours that bring their faithful renditions of Metallica's hits to audiences once again. While specific The Four Horsemen band tour details might not be confirmed at the moment, The Four Horsemen tribute band's history of captivating The Four Horsemen live performances suggests that audiences can look forward to experiencing the power and intensity of Metallica's music in a live concert setting. The Four Horsemen's ability to capture Metallica's essence ensures a concert experience that transports fans back to the heyday of thrash metal. The Four Horsemen's history is a testament to their role in preserving Metallica's musical legacy and giving audiences a taste of the band's iconic sound. Their dedication to recreating Metallica's songs with precision and passion serves as a reminder of the enduring impact of Metallica's music on generations of listeners. 

As they potentially take the stage once more in 2024, The Four Horsemen's journey stands as a tribute to the power of music to unite fans and pay homage to the legends who have shaped the rock genre. The Four Horsemen: The Ultimate Metallica Tribute will perform live, up-tempo, album-quality fan favorites from the renowned metal band's pioneering era on July 20, 2024, in the casino showroom of the Wheeling Island Hotel-Casino-Racetrack. "I saw Metallica on the Black Album tour in 1991, and that experience changed me forever. The sound, the energy between the band and audience - from that moment on, I knew what I was put on earth to do. Music is my life," stated Sean Perry, guitarist and vocalist with Four Horsemen. When a Metallica tribute band contacted him in late 2006 seeking a new, charismatic leader, little did he know that his thrasher heroes would play an even bigger part in his artistic future.

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