About Ghost

Ghost, the enigmatic Swedish rock band, has a history as captivating and mysterious as their theatrical stage personas. Founded in 2006 by the enigmatic figure known as Tobias Forge, who performs under various characters like Papa Emeritus and Cardinal Copia, Ghost has become a unique force in the world of metal and hard rock. The Ghost band's debut album, "Opus Eponymous," released in 2010, introduced their signature blend of heavy metal riffs, catchy melodies, and satanic imagery. Their theatrical stage presence and the anonymity of the musicians, who perform under the guise of Nameless Ghouls, added to the mystique that surrounds Ghost. With each subsequent album, such as "Infestissumam" (2013) and "Meliora" (2015), Ghost's popularity grew, earning them a dedicated fanbase and critical acclaim. In 2016, Ghost won the Grammy Award for Best Metal Performance for their hit single "Cirice," a testament to their musical prowess and the growing recognition of their unique sound. 

Over the years, their albums have explored various themes, including the occult, dark imagery, and religious satire, while maintaining an infectious and accessible sound that appeals to a broad audience beyond the metal community. As Ghost's fame soared, so did their live performances. Known for their elaborate stage productions and visually stunning shows, the band consistently delivers unforgettable concerts. Their 2023 tours are highly anticipated worldwide, as fans eagerly await the chance to witness the theatrical spectacle and electrifying performances that Ghost is known for. Ghost's 2023 tours span across continents, with scheduled appearances in major cities across North America, Europe, Asia, and Australia. The Ghost 2023 tour promises to showcase not only their latest studio album but also classic hits that have become anthems for their ever-growing fanbase. Despite the global success, Ghost remains true to its roots, engaging its audiences with an intimate connection, making each concert feel like a personal experience for every attendee. 

During one of Ghost band's 2023 interviews, Tobias Forge discussed the band's latest single, a cover of Genesis's 1992 track, "Jesus He Knows Me," which serves as the lead from their fourth EP, the Phantomime covers EP, released in May 2023. The song's satirical take on televangelism became a focal point of the conversation. "It's frighteningly horrible. It's easy not to laugh about the accuracy in which Phil Collins wrote a lyric that ten years ago felt almost dated, even outdated, which now feels so contemporary and important," Forge expressed, shedding light on the band's motivation behind covering "Jesus He Knows Me."

He went on to reflect on the band's experiences while touring America, where they were often questioned about their stance on Christian fundamentalists and picket fencers. Forge clarified, "No, never. Like, there seems to be a sort of undercurrent of that stuff over there. I didn't see that, we were all over the place, even in the South, and definitely a lot in the heartland." Forge conveyed his fond impressions of the cities they visited, describing the people as wonderful and friendly, enjoying rock shows with enthusiasm. However, he acknowledged that over the last five or six years, a parallel phenomenon had emerged: "But obviously, parallel to that, there is this complete Flat Earth cult that has just decided to throw in the towel. I don't know what their aim is."

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